our founder

As a member of the widely-recognised Cohen family, business building is in Daniel’s DNA. Both of his parents – Edward and Betsy – are business pioneers who, individually and together, have traded multiple companies in the financial service industries. Daniel joined in his family’s entrepreneurial pursuits and, over the course of his career, has distinguished himself as a business leader in his own right. In a recent feature article detailing the success of the Cohen family, he made this important distinction regarding how his family approaches business: “We are not a family business. We’re a family that’s in business together.” Today, Daniel is adding to his family’s legacy by serving as President of Cohen and Company Financial Limited, as Chief Executive Officer of FinTech Acquisition Corp., as well as Chairman of the Board of both The Bancorp, Inc. and its subsidiary, The Bancorp Bank.

our mission

To add value by bringing generalist skills and asset understanding to bear in specialist financial niches for the benefit of all stakeholders. Our people are our most valuable asset. We succeed because we think more creatively, assess information more astutely, and act with greater determination than others. In specialist areas, generalists skill sets that combine legal and credit expertise and intelligent systems design make the difference. We have learned through years of observing what goes right and what can go wrong in credit and we bring that invaluable experience to bear every day in looking at new opportunities.

Daniel G Cohen